A rainy day at the drive-in

So one way they say to get better at something is to practice. This is one of my platforms for practicing, so here I am to practice. This is the first story I’ll tell as part of this adventure. (So hopefully by the end, I’ll look at this story and think “Man, that was terrible! I am so much better now!)

A Rainy Day at the Drive-In

My alarm went off at an unusually early 6:30 am. I awoke to huge booms of thunder and downpour of rain that had woken me many times during the night. My first thought upon seeing the rain was “Seriously. I have to go to the drive-in. In that?”

I work at a church that just switched it’s summer worship to an outdoor service at a local run down drive-in. They had been doing this for decades and it’s a beloved tradition for those who are members (and probably many in the community as well) but I had not yet been to the drive-in and was NOT excited to go out in the rain. Especially to an outdoor church service. But, I was curious about the experience, and the only staff person who was able to be there today, so I was going. (Although I did turn on the news, half hoping to see a “Drive-In Worship Cancelled due to RAIN!” warning scrolling on the bottom of the news. No luck.)

The kids, Cory and I got ready, packed up our things and headed to the unknown of the drive-in. I had filled the car with toys, coloring books and snacks, hoping that would help our kids at least be quiet during the service, because I knew they wouldn’t be going outside today.

However, as we drove to Stillwater, the skies began to clear! The rain cleared up and the sun even came out for a bit. It was a beautiful day to be at the drive-in, although still too wet to really be outside. The worship service was good, although my oldest son Everett was pretty chatty and I had to keep reminding him that he was at church and that we were praying. He wanted to talk to the cute interns who had furnished the coloring pages!

I had been to a drive-in once before, with some friends from camp. We saw Men in Black II and I remember at the time that I wanted to talk to the people around me more than I wanted to focus on the movie playing. I had the same feeling today – that I wanted to connect with those around me and was not particularly focused on the worship service at hand. I heard probably 2 words of the sermon, but I enjoyed a delicious scone, so that was worth it 🙂

All in all, I’m not sure that drive-in services are for me. I go to church for community. And yes I love the outdoors, but I also love the sound of a congregation of people singing or praying together. And the horn honking during the service was a bit jarring.


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