Starting the story….

i was recently inspired by this site about how you can learn to do anything in a year. There are so many things I want to learn how to do! Where to start? The answer became glaringly clear in the past few weeks. Storytelling. I know that I have a story to tell – even kind of a good one – but I often struggle to tell that story. How do I capture ordinary moments that bring me so much joy and beauty in a way that engages people? It’s not my strong suit, so here I am embarking on a journey to become a storyteller. I know that there are crazy amounts of ways to tell stories – in person, on a blog, in a Facebook status update or Tweet, through videos and pictures – and I hope to learn a bit about all of them during this adventure, but mostly just how to quickly tell an engaging story that captures emotion and interest. I want to capture every day moments and details that often go unnoticed, but that make a story a good one. As I go, I will share what I learn, the resources that are helpful, and stories and videos to track my progress as a storyteller. But, for now, this site is for ME. If others happen to come along as we go, that’s great – they are part of the story! But for now, let’s get started.  Here we go!


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