3 Sentence Story

I was reading a blog today called “Why You Must Become an Expert at Telling Your Story.” Jeff Goins writes:

Telling your story helps you make sense of your life — why certain events happened the way they did. You begin to examine what has happened to and through you. You begin to make sense of who you are.

Telling your story can be incredibly therapeutic, and the practice often leads to greater confidence and understanding of self.

Most people don’t take the time to do this. They take their stories for granted; they don’t steward them.

Take the time to learn your story. We need it. And we need you to tell it.

If we’re going to be changed by it, you need to tell your story well.

So, how about a little exercise?

In three sentences or less, what’s your story? Make sure it has a hook, conflict, and a reflection. Ready? Leave a comment below to share your story, and/or tweet out it out using the hash tag #mystoryis.

Okay, so here goes — a three sentence story.

A small town farm girl who values deep community, I found my way to the city and am seeking relationships. I want to change the world but am often overwhelmed by the size of that task. I have found comfort and joy in my calling as a mother, but always feel like there might be something more.

That was fun! I think I’ll do that more often — maybe once a week? And I’ll be exploring that website more to get more tips on telling my story. Because he’s right, “Influential organizations and individuals tell a story that is so compelling others can’t help but want to join it.” I want to have a story that compelling!


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